Things I No Longer Buy

I don’t call it minimalism, I call it being smart and economist!

I’m that girl when people bought certain stuff or trying certain activities, I want it too. It's FOMO or just curious. From knick-knacks to extensive things. From “just going to try” to “ended up collecting”, like indoor plants, or bullet journal, or gym subscription. Ugh, it’s everything.

Until I decide to not be that girl. These are the things that I no longer buy (includes member subscription as well!)

1. Notebook & Stationery

Being a bullet journalist for almost 5 years, already cost me dollars! Every month, I bought new markers or pens or times when I’m running out of stationery. Every 6 months I need to buy new Notebooks and some stickers. Things I gotta do to make my journal look aesthetic actually motivate me to be productive, ironic.

Photo by Savannah Wakefield on Unsplash

Until recently, I’ve been using Notion to replace my bullet journal. Notion is a digital productivity tool that's also a note-taking app. It’s been 3 months since I no longer take notes or writing in Notebook and ever since I no longer bought stationery or additional knick-knacks. Imagine myself saving some money every month and every 6 months.

What a life-changing.

2. Duplicate Makeup & Skincare

Oh my, I use to be a makeup and skincare hoarder! When I was a beauty blogger, I receive quite a lot of sponsorship products, I also bought the newest product to be reviewed on my blog of course. In this situation, I used to have duplicate products. 2 blushes, dozens of lipsticks, 3 mascara, and the list goes on.

Photo by Nada Gamal on Unsplash

When I quit that job, I’m ended up with tons of unused makeup and skincare. That product ended up in the trash or to my family. Also, when I quit, I no longer bought duplicate products. I only own 1 product for each type, I foundation, 1 blush, 1 mascara, and yeah 2 lip color tho to spice em up.

But at least, I only bought them when I’m running out of them.

3. Extra Bag in Every Form & Color!

Women, women, women.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

We all need dozens of bag colors for each type just in case our outfit doesn’t match. At this time I only own 5 bags and that’s every bag I had. Backpack, tote bag, sling bag. And I already felt that’s a lot since I only wear 1 one of them daily.

The case is similar to my makeup, if my bag isn’t broke, then I don’t need a new one. I recently bought a sling bag, the bag that’ll be used for many occasions!

I still am not a minimalist or a zero-waste. But I’m trying to declutter unnecessary stuff. Decluttering helps me keep the things that really matter and let go the one that’s not useful.



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